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The Desert in My Life

Death is the ultimate desert. It requires us to leave everything behind: our possessions, our loved ones, our physicality, and our sense of being. It requires us to face our deepest fears. It is frightening yet alluring, for it promises paradise, a more abundant life, and the ultimate and most complete union with God. It is a journey we can only take... Keep Reading

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    Weavings Journal

    • Pause to Pray: God of generosity, bless the work we have begun this day; make good its defects. #weavingsdailyoffice
      about 19 mins ago
    • “Life in Christ sets a radically new context for the suffering we encounter in the world.” – John S. Mogabgab #weavingswriters
      about 3 hours ago
    • Call to Prayer: My God, my soul thirsts for you, my body aches for you like a dry and weary land. #weavingsdailyoffice
      about 6 hours ago
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