hikeWe are all on a journey. We travel with God, even if we never leave home, but when we are intentional about a day-by-day relationship with our Creator we discover the sacredness of our walk; we are on pilgrimage. As pilgrims travel they discover places of Holy encounter, sites made sacred by those who have gone before and sacred places in their own memories. The psalmist speaks of the blessedness of those “whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.” (Psalm 84:4 BCP.)

A pilgrimage is not a tour; the intention is not to collect more “stuff” but to prayerfully experience places and people in community with other travelers. Pilgrims travel with open hearts, sometimes to sites of those who have gone before us who are recognized as saints, but also to places where the struggle for justice is paramount. We travel reflectively and with the expectation of insights and experience that will impact our daily lives.


Elizabeth J. Canham is a priest in the Episcopal Church who leads retreats and workshops internationally. Through Hospites Mundi, a pilgrimage ministry, she invites others to join her on sacred journeys. She has published six books, including Heart Whispers, A Table of Delight, and Ask the Animals.


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