What Is Your Weavings Story?

Yarn by Doug HaglerWe are grateful to have received all of your comments, thoughts, and prayers in response to the death of founding editor, John S. Mogabgab and to the tribute posted on the Weavings homepage.

John said, “The spiritual life does not begin with special knowledge and end in flight from the world.” He wanted Weavings to be a place where readers could explore the ways God’s life and human lives are being woven together here in the world. John’s goal was to thread together some of the seemingly dichotomous aspects of Christian life—personal formation and social transformation, individual renewal and church renewal, prayer and ministry, contemplation and mission, Sunday and Monday.

Designed to facilitate spiritual reading, John and art director, Nelson Kane, thought of the Weavings journal as something between a devotional guide and a literary journal.

So, what is your history with Weavings? How did you find out about it? Have you ever used it in a group study? How has it enriched your journey? We invite you to share your Weavings story.

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