Bless to Me

Bless to me this new day.
The sounds and sights
And smells and tastes.
The cool breeze on my cheek
And the warm sun on my head.

Bless to me this sabbath time.
Space to rest, to play,
To feel the fullness of this life.

Bless to me this gift of plenty.
Of food and shelter,
Of peace and safety,
Of freedom from worry
And abundance to share.

Bless to me this space
To hold in love all those
Who struggle in life,
Who wait for diagnoses,
Who sit in sorrow,
Who walk and wait and run in fear.

Bless the earth
And all its creatures.
Bless to me this new day.


Beth A. Richardson is a United Methodist clergy person and the managing editor of Weavings journal and Alive Now magazine, as well as Director of Creative Content for The Upper Room. A photographer and writer, she is the author of Child of the Light and The Uncluttered Heart. She is currently writing a book of Celtic-style blessings, which will be published in 2016. 

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  1. Ann Hall says:

    Beautiful and really some of your work should and could be set to music–sort like John Michael Talbot’s Celtic style music.

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