Prayer for Disciples

God of Love,
in a world great with darkness
I drink your light.

In a world of violence
I soften my heart.

In a world of fear
I deepen my breath.

In a word of grief
I enlarge my embrace.

In a world of shouting
I open my roots.

In a world of fragments
I let myself belong.

In a world of walls
I go out into the streets:

I bear you to those
who are mad with hunger for you.

In a world of fissures
I return to you,
always to you.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes is a poet, songwriter and ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church, serving in Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife Beth. He previously served in Montana and New Hampshire. He writes a daily contemplative reflection, Unfolding Light, as well as lectionary-based music and worship resources.

4 Responses to “Prayer for Disciples”

  1. Cynthia McClelland says:

    yes, yes and yes

  2. Thanks for sharing your poetic gifts. “Prayer for Disciples” touched my heart. With your permission, I would like to share it in our church newsletter at Union Presbyterian in St. Peter, MN

  3. admin says:

    Please reference the author and cite his blog, Unfolding Light Unfolding Light. Thanks!

  4. Donna Griego says:

    Read this poem this morning. I love it. It is beautiful. Grace and peace to you.

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