One Body

When you despair
that your life is small or insignificant,

when you grieve
that your life is troubled or a mess,

when you doubt
your life’s benefit to the universe,

remember that no matter your faults,
regardless of your disappointments,

you are more than this one individual flesh:
you are a part of this vast, wondrous humanity,

this glorious Creation,

that you are part of God’s healing of the world,
and know that your life, your whole life,

is wonderful, beautiful, and worthy,
holy, and belonging to God…

and give thanks.


Steve Garnaas-HolmesĀ is a poet, songwriter and ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church, serving in Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife Beth. He writes a daily contemplative reflection, Unfolding Light, as well as lectionary-based music and worship resources.

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