2015 Volume XXX “Perspectives on Contemplative Living”

No. 1  “A Monastery without Walls” (Nov/Dec 2014/Jan 2015)

No. 2  “Presence” (Feb/Mar/Apr 2015)

No. 3  “Living the Questions” (May/Jun/Jul 2015)

No. 4  “Yearning for God” (Aug Sep/Oct 2015)

Weavings has consistently given voice to the kind of Christianity that we most need in our time—passionately committed to the light that is in us, radically open to the diverse ways that the light gets refracted in our world, and unabashed by the fact that light and shadow are always found side by side.”

— Parker Palmer, author of A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life

30.1 coverWelcome to Weavings, a thematic, quarterly journal. Its mission is to promote informed, committed spiritual growth by exploring how God’s life and human lives are being woven together in the world. Weavings seeks to thread together some of the unraveled ends of Christian life—personal formation and social transformation, individual renewal and church renewal, prayer and ministry, contemplation and mission, Sunday and Monday.

Weavings is considered to be a significant contemporary resource in the field of Christian spirituality. Inaugurated in 1986 and published by The Upper Room, the editorial focus of Weavings is somewhere between a daily devotional magazine and a literary journal. It is designed to facilitate spiritual reading and to be a resource for leaders, groups, and individuals interested in expanding their relationship with God, themselves and others.

The spiritual life does not begin with special knowledge and end in flight from the world. Woven throughout the pages of Weavings are convictions about Christian spiritual life that shape the selections in the journal – simplicity, authenticity, and inclusiveness.

Since Weavings is a thematic magazine, we consider freelance work that is written to correspond with our upcoming themes. Please read the Writer’s Guidelines, theme descriptions, and due dates carefully before submitting material.


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