Important News about WEAVINGS

“We are part of a larger reality, a vast vibrant community of meadow and mountain, water and sky, a great rush of life rich with possibility but also bounded by necessity. All things come and go. Whether this be a formula for weary resignation or for tranquil acceptance of the inevitable, the most we can hope for us that all things come and all things go, over and over again.”  –John S. Mogabgab, Weavings: A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life, 2009

The Upper Room has decided to end the print publication of Weavings with the Nov/Dec weav32-1covintro2016/Jan 2017 issue, “Keeping the Door Open for the Holy.” We intend to continue publishing content in the tradition of Weavings through a variety of digital channels. We will share plans for this transformation on our website.

Since its beginning in 1986, the Weavings journal has “woven together” the voices of the finest leaders in the Christian Spiritual world. Founded by John S. Mogabgab, a personal friend of Henri Nouwen, the journal found its way into the hearts of its readers – pastors, students, contemplatives, all those seeking to go deeper into their relationships with God.

Over the years, several issues of Weavings have addressed the topic of change and transformation, … “Turning Points” (IV/6), “We Shall All Be Changed” (VI/2), “A Time to Plant, A Time to Reap” (VI/1). It is now time for Weavings itself to be transformed into something new.

Pray for the Weavings ministry as we make this exciting transition. We remain grateful for your continued support.


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