Beth A. Richardson

is a United Methodist clergy person and the managing editor of the Weavings journal and Alive Now magazine and Director of Creative Content for The Upper Room. A photographer and writer, she is the author of Child of the Light and The Uncluttered Heart. She is currently writing a book of Celtic-style blessings, which will be published in 2016.


The Last Daisy

I walked by The last daisy bloom In the garden at work. No matter how I might resist, Change happens. Every day. The teachers say, Do not resist. Accept. But it’s so hard. I am attached To the way things are, The people I see, The world I know (Or think I know). What if I welcomed The new, the different, With the same energy that I resist? Welcome, fall. Welcome, change. See what is to come. Look! I’m doing a new thing; now... Keep Reading

My Heart Lives in the Sky

My heart lives in you, sky. Dome of light, of darkness, Canvas of clouds and stars, Of swallows and eagles. My spirit soars in your vastness, Exulting in your beauty, The predawn glow in the east Or symphony of colors in the west. The creator slings clouds onto your canvas, Paints dreams with textures and colors, Earth dust and meteor granules. Each new day, a new masterpiece, A landscape, unique and priceless. Write my prayers... Keep Reading

Bless to Me

Bless to me this new day. The sounds and sights And smells and tastes. The cool breeze on my cheek And the warm sun on my head. Bless to me this sabbath time. Space to rest, to play, To feel the fullness of this life. Bless to me this gift of plenty. Of food and shelter, Of peace and safety, Of freedom from worry And abundance to share. Bless to me this space To hold in... Keep Reading

3 Things I Learned When Answering the Upper Room Prayer Line

Meet Beth Richardson, managing editor of Weavings. Her article, “Questions from the Heart” is published in the current issue, “Living the Questions” (May/June/July 2015), on page 42. To order a copy, call 1.800.972.0433 or subscribe online.   This morning when I got to work, The Upper Room Prayer Line was forwarded to my phone. After I panicked for five minutes trying to figure out... Keep Reading

Continuing the Journey

| Take Our Survey | Join our Newsletter| I have on my desk the last issue of Weavings. The theme for this November/December/January issue invites us to “Keep the Door Open for the Holy.” I’m earnestly hoping that I can do that even through the sadness I feel for the loss of a resource that has formed and shaped so many of us. As we at The Upper Room... Keep Reading

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