Elizabeth Canham

is a priest in the Episcopal Church who leads retreats and workshops internationally. Through Hospites Mundi, a pilgrimage ministry, she invites others to join her on sacred journeys. She has published seven books, including A Table of Delight, and Finding Your Voice in the Psalms.


Aging and Renewal Through Community

As we explore the concept of eldering in the current issue (May/June/July 2016), we revisit some excerpts from the Weavings archive. To order a copy of the “Eldering” issue, call 1.800.972.0433. Back issues of Weavings are also available—while supplies last. Browse the inventory. As we age, many of us feel lonely, especially after losing a loved one. The loss of things we took... Keep Reading

The Celtic Way

Celtic Christian spirituality emerged from the early years of the church before the time of the creeds and counsels that established orthodoxy among Christians. It was grounded in the earth, honored a wandering kind of pilgrimage, and trusted in the leading of the Spirit. Monastic settlements were established in Ireland, Scotland and the north of England many of them incorporating the local... Keep Reading


We are all on a journey. We travel with God, even if we never leave home, but when we are intentional about a day-by-day relationship with our Creator we discover the sacredness of our walk; we are on pilgrimage. As pilgrims travel they discover places of Holy encounter, sites made sacred by those who have gone before and sacred places in their... Keep Reading

Ubuntu: The Beloved Community

It’s not too late to get a copy of this issue or to order copies of the Weavings journal for your church, your small group, or yourself. Call 1.800.972.0433 to order single copies or subscribe. You may also subscribe online.   When I was a child living in post-war England I was unaware that we were poor. Now, as I recollect that time, I realize that our... Keep Reading

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