E. Glenn Hinson

is Professor Emeritus of Spirituality and Church History, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. A prolific author, he has contributed numerous articles to Weavings and has served on its Advisory Board from the beginning. His most recent books include Love at the Heart of Things: A Biography of Douglas V. Steere and Spiritual Preparation for Christian Leadership. His inspirational autobiography is A Miracle of Grace.


What Is Authentic Spirituality?

If you are taking Lent seriously, you will be asking, “What is authentic spirituality? What is it that I ought to covet and seek and pray for?”  According to Matthew, authentic spirituality has to do with purity of heart (Matt. 5:8), single-mindedness (6:22-24), kingdom righteousness (25:31-46), or, as I would phrase it, downright goodness. Downright goodness is what Jesus insisted upon when he... Keep Reading

Remembering to Forget

Being in my eighties, I’m thankful that both my short term and my long term memory have remained vital. Memory is one of our most precious human gifts.  Augustine called it “the mind’s stomach” from which we bring things up by recollection (Augustine, Confessions 10.14.21). Memory acts as a kind of watchful tutor, our conscience.  In my own mind lodge some memories that have... Keep Reading

Blessings from Mother Teresa


I’ve received two blessings from Mother Teresa. The first one took place June 22, 1982,when she received the Bellarmine Medal here in Louisville. I was one of 4,000 who heard her give her signature message. “Love is not a word. Love is life. People are hungry for more than bread. They are hungry for love.” Such words coming from one who lived... Keep Reading

Wealth-Not Poverty-Is the Problem (excerpt)

It’s not too late to get a copy of the Nov/Dec 2013/Jan 2014 issue, “Bring Good News to the Poor” or to order copies of the Weavings journal for your church, your small group, or yourself. Call 1.800.972.0433 to order single copies or subscribe. You may also subscribe online.   My first impulse on looking at the magnitude of the gap in wealth and income is to throw... Keep Reading

Handling Life’s Diminishments

It’s not too late to get a copy of the “Maturity” issue (Aug/Sep/Oct 2013) or to order copies for your church, your small group, or yourself. Call 1.800.972.0433 to order single copies or subscribe. You may also subscribe online. How we handle the diminishments that come inevitably with aging says a lot about the faith that has guided us through the days of our... Keep Reading

Fasting from the Internet

I’m a latecomer to the Internet. Until 1992, I did all of my writing on a 1923 Underwood Standard typewriter and handed it to a typing pool at Southern Seminary, where I taught for thirty years, to turn out flawless copies. It may startle you to hear me say it, but I believe my tardiness in joining the cybernetic crowd may have... Keep Reading

Happily Corrected

Now I know Don is not a churchy person, but….   I didn’t realize it at the time, but this remark was inaccurate. In an awkward attempt to encourage my cousin, who was moving into the end of a dark tunnel created by cancer, I had in mind how much he loves to hunt and fish and how regularly he does both. His wife... Keep Reading

Is the Internet Affecting Our Praying?

During some discussion of the steady decline in the number of people reading hard copy today, John Mogabgab recommended Nicholas Carr’s best seller The Shallows: What the Internet Is doing to Our Brains.  I may have been looking for an excuse for lapses in my attentiveness to God, but I came away from this important book with a serious query about the... Keep Reading

The Return of Christ, Pentecost, and Pope John’s “New Pentecost”

The May 19, 2011 issue of the Courier-Journal reported Harold Camping’s prediction of Christ’s Return to earth on May 21, 2011. The retired civil engineer from Oakland, California had based his prognostication on study of apocalyptic texts. Camping insisted in January that, “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of Judgment”... Keep Reading

How Much Faith Life Demands

I can’t eat supper or even drink any liquids this evening because I will undergo surgery for removal of plaque from my right carotid artery at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, October 12, 2010.  That is serious surgery.  My vascular surgeon says that there is only 2% risk of failure, but I know that the delicacy of an operation on a vessel that supplies... Keep Reading

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