J. Barrie Shepherd

is Minister Emeritus of The First Presbyterian Church in New York City and has preached and lectured extensively across the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Africa. Shepherd’s poetry has appeared frequently in Weavings, The Christian Century, and The New Republic.


Advent Awakening

Just when you felt convinced that the inevitable was already happening, just when the dailyness of every single thing had finally persuaded you not to expect, not even to look, just when tomorrow had completely lost its meaning as distinct from everyday, a melody of dancing was caught from far away, one sigh became transmuted in mid-air into a gasp of sheer astonishment, and now a word, He comes, new whispered on December’s wind, melts grim-set... Keep Reading



So I showed them things. Not much that was spectacular, more the usual, ordinary stuff like wild flowers, birds and seeds, the daily chores, you know, sweeping, baking, planting, fishing, getting along. I simply pointed them to what was always out there and then told them to “Go figure…” I guess they did, or did their best at least, because they kept on coming back for more, more of them too, until the crowds began to... Keep Reading

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