Keith Beasley-Topliff


Praying to be Abandoned

It seems so simple when the evangelists say it. Just turn your life over to Jesus. Say Yes to God. Let Jesus take control. The call comes in many forms. And the responses can be just as varied, from the traditionally theological, “Jesus Christ, I accept you as my Lord and Savior,” to Keith Miller’s almost desperate cry, “God, if there’s anything... Keep Reading

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    Weavings Journal

    • Resting in Evening Prayer: Turn darkness into light before me, O God. Make rough places smooth. #weavingsdailyoffice
      about 2 hours ago
    • Midday Prayer: Your love is poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Praise be to God! #weavingsdailyoffice
      about 8 hours ago
    • “Being made new by dying to the old is what God intends for us and for all the world.” — Don Saliers #weavingswriters
      about 11 hours ago
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