Rachel G. Hackenberg

is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, currently serving a congregation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has written Writing to God: 40 Days of Praying with My Pen and Writing to God for Kids (to be released in 2012). Learn more about Rachel at Faith and Water. http://faithandwater.blogspot.com/


You Know Who You Are

With thanksgiving on my tongue, I sing praise for the feet of the saints who walked this path long before me who pointed out this path to me who cleared the path with me.   With thanksgiving on my tongue, I sing praise for the wisdom of the saints who shared their vision of God’s ways who lived faithfully by God’s ways who loved God all the way.   With thanksgiving on my tongue, I... Keep Reading

Dust to Dust

As I write this, Ash Wednesday resources are spread in piles around my desk. A Bible props open a hymnal. Colorful Post-It notes peep from amidst the Bible’s pages. Which text, which music, shall I use to say again this year, “Remember that you are dust”? I recently heard a colleague remark that Ash Wednesday is his favorite holy day for being a... Keep Reading

At Home…at Church

I was glad when they said to me: “Let us go into the house of the LORD; Let us go home.” – Psalm 122:1 Imagine a place where you can worship God in your bare feet – not because the dress code is so casual but because you are so comfortable, so at home. To be at home…in church. It’s not about shoes or bare feet, of... Keep Reading

These Days of Christmas

So Love has come, finally, fully, no longer a heavenly concept or ontological mystery but a Life of breath and flesh showing that Love lived is possible in the fullest – not nuanced or strategized, not compromised or politicized, but simply expressed in touch in bread in questions in fishing tales in fellowship. And in these days of Christmas, the most basic question is do we believe that Love lived, and that Love can be lived?   ... Keep Reading

Stretching a Stiff Spirit

My chiropractor could tell you – as she so often tells me – that every aspect of our lives impacts every other aspect of our lives. Our emotional health impacts our physical health. Our relationships impact our work. Our diet can help or hinder our physical response to stress, as can our willingness to make time for play and rest. My back... Keep Reading

Advent Gift

Still Coming God, we long for a glimmer a hint that you are almost here and our work is almost done. We pray “Make it better” through the dark nights and are met with silence. We are troubled to consider that you are still teaching us a lesson: to believe what we cannot see. Like a woman in labor, we pray for easy birthing pains and speedy delivery. But you have already labored to the point of death; we are impatient. May HOPE be your Advent gift to us, not our indulgent lament to... Keep Reading

Prayer of Watchfulness

Transform us! Do something to us! Cause a change to take place in our hearts and in our relationships! Let our watching and waiting not be a waste – not because you don’t show up, but because we don’t! Call us to full & awake participation in the advent of peace and hope and justice! Make this, not a season, but a movement of watchfulness that advocates and waiting that engages and adoration that... Keep Reading

Advent Praise

Now praise the God of Wholeness who meets you in broken places! Lift your spirit and your hands in sweet gratitude to the God of Acceptance and Patience who sees holy beauty just as you are, and gently kneads your hardness & stubbornness. Be happy, and keep your faith in the Awesome and Holy One who challenges your pride with a single snowflake. Place your hope in the Source of Life, the... Keep Reading

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