Steve Garnaas-Holmes

is a poet, songwriter and ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church, serving in Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife Beth. Steve writes a daily reflection called Unfolding Light, as well as lectionary-based music and worship resources


A Prayer for Our Country

God of mercy, bless this nation of ours. We pray for liberty, that none may be oppressed or exploited. We pray for democracy; that all voices be heard, and none silenced. We pray for peace, that there be harmony, in which everyone’s gifts may flourish. We pray for justice, that no one benefit at the expense of another, that there be a just and equal sharing of power. We pray for a spirit... Keep Reading

Prayer for Pentecost

Holy Spirit, River of love, divine delight, flow through me. Flame of sun, burn in me. Wind of heaven, breathe in me. Tongues of strangers, speak in me. Love of God, sing in me. Lead me beyond myself, to return to you in the other, to love you in my stranger, my foreigner, my enemy. Burn with your fire in me, that it may be mine. Breathe yourself into my life, that it may be yours. I... Keep Reading

One Body

When you despair that your life is small or insignificant, when you grieve that your life is troubled or a mess, when you doubt your life’s benefit to the universe, remember that no matter your faults, regardless of your disappointments, you are more than this one individual flesh: you are a part of this vast, wondrous humanity, this glorious Creation, that you are part of God’s healing of the world, and know that your... Keep Reading

Prayer for Disciples

God of Love, in a world great with darkness I drink your light. In a world of violence I soften my heart. In a world of fear I deepen my breath. In a word of grief I enlarge my embrace. In a world of shouting I open my roots. In a world of fragments I let myself belong. In a world of walls I go out into the streets: I bear you to those who are mad with... Keep Reading

A Meditation on the Magnificat

Luke 1:47-55 My soul magnifies you, O Lord…          Your praise is already alive deep within me. and my spirit rejoices in you, my Savior… My heart reaches out to you, who reach out to me. for you have looked with favor on the lowliness of your servant. You see not my status but my belovedness.   Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed. It is not arrogant but... Keep Reading

Autumn Blessing

As the trees bear fruit and the harvest is bought in, blessings ripen in you. As the earth holds dear the roots of trees, God’s love for you holds you fast, and gives you life. As the trees shed their leaves in beauty and the garden gives up its riches in abundance, you learn to surrender gracefully, forgive deeply, offer gifts generously, and in all your losses trust that deeper... Keep Reading

This Day

Beloved,this day, whatever I have to do—a driveway to shovel free of snow,a desert to cross,a deathbed to attend,a sorrow to bear, a joy to share,papers on a desk—I do it with you,one moment at a time,each step, each tick, each pagea moment with you,a petal of your presence,your hand on my hand,your breath in my breath,this my holiness, to be herewithout... Keep Reading

Free to Love

 This is the passover of the Lord. I will pass over you, and no plague shall destroy you —from Exodus 12.11, 13          Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. —Romans 13.8 You have been set free. From all your guilt and shame, from all the debts you thought you owed, all obligations and duties, you have been set free. From fear of death, from... Keep Reading

Binding and Loosing

         “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,          and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.          Where two or three are gathered in my name,          I am there among them.”                      – Matthew 18:18, 20   There is power in your choices, in what you “bind” and “loose,” what you require of others and what you forgive, what you hang onto and what you let... Keep Reading

Turn Off the Calculator

I’ve spent most of my lifetime and a lot of my conscious spiritual life accomplishing things, dealing with problems, meeting challenges, trying really hard to grow, and generally “working on” stuff. And I get some kind of rush from succeeding. I think I secretly believe I’m impressing God.  Which means I secretly believe I need to. When I do this I divert my... Keep Reading

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