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Use this index to look up Weavings issues of interest to you. Issues are listed by title in alphabetical order. The “Available?” column tells whether or not back issues of that title are available for purchase. To order single copies of Weavings please call 800.972.0433. Single copies cost US$6.00 each. Shipping and handling charges will be added to your order.


Issue Title (Vol./No.) Date Available
“A Great Cloud of Witnesses” (III/5) Sep/Oct 1988 No
“A Monastery Without Walls” (XXX/1) Nov/Dec 2014/ Jan 2015 Yes
“A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life” (I/1) Sep/Oct 1986 No
“A Time to Plant, A Time to Reap” (VI/1) Jan/Feb 1991 Yes
“Abide in Me” (XXII/2) Mar/Apr 2007 Yes
“Active Waiting” (II/1) Jan/Feb 1987 No
“Adoration” (XXIII/2) March/April 2008 Yes
“All Who Have This Hope” (XXIII/2) Feb/Mar/Apr 2012 Yes
“Ambassadors of Reconciliation”(V/1) Jan/Feb 1990 No
“And God Rested” (VIII/2) Mar/Apr 1993 No
“Anger” (IX/2) Mar/Apr 1994 No
“Attentiveness” (XVII/4) Jul/Aug 2002 Yes
“Availability” (XII/5) Sep/Oct 1997 No
“Be Still” (XXII/1) Jan/Feb 2007 No
“Behold the Beauty of the Lord” (XVIII/3) May/Jun 2003 Yes
“Belonging” (XX/3) May/Jun 2005 Yes
“Bring Good News to the Poor” (XXVIII/1) Nov/Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Yes
“Caring” (XX/5) Sep/Oct 2005 Yes
“Cling Always to God” (XXIV/3) May/Jun 2009 Yes
“Clothed with Christ” (XI/1) Jan/Feb 1996 Yes
“Clothed with Desolation” (VIII/5) Sep/Oct 1993 Yes
“Come and See” (XIX/1) Jan/Feb 2004 Yes
“Commitment” (IX/4) Jul/Aug 1994 Yes
“Community” (XXVIII/1) Nov/Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Yes
“Compassion” (V/6) Nov/Dec 1990 Yes
“Consider Your Body” (XXII/5) Sep/Oct 2007 Yes
“Contemplative Life” (VII/4) Jul/Aug 1992 Yes
“Count It All Joy” (VIII/6) Nov/Dec 1993 Yes
“Courage” (XII/3) May/Jun 1997 Yes
“Creativity” (XVII/2) Mar/Apr 2002 Yes
“Cross-Purposes” (XXVI/2) Feb/Mar/Apr 2011 Yes
“Darkness” (XVII/1) Jan/Feb 2002 Yes
“Deliverance” (XII/6) Nov/Dec 1997 Yes
“Discerning Patience” (XVIII/4) Jul/Aug 2003 No
“Discerning the Spirits” (X/6) Nov/Dec 1995 No
“Diversity” (XXVIII/3) May/Jun/Jul 2013 Yes
“Do Not Be Anxious About Tomorrow” (XXV/4) Aug/Sep/Oct ’10 Yes
“Do Not Lose Heart” (XXVII/4) Aug/Sep/Oct ’12 Yes
Eldering (XXXI/3) May/Jun/Jul 2016 Yes
Embodied (XXXI/2) Feb/Mar/Apr 2016 Yes
“End Times” (XXI/6) Nov/Dec 2006 Yes
“Enemies” (XXI/2) Mar/Apr 2006 Yes
“The Extraordinary in the Ordinary” (II/3) May/Jun 1987 No
“Failure” (VII/1) Jan/Feb 1992 Yes
“Faithful Friends” (VII/3) May/Jun 1992 Yes
“Family Life” (III/1) Jan/Feb 1988 No
“Fasting” (XIX/5) Sep/Oct 2004 Yes
“Fear Not” (XIV/2) Mar/Apr 1999 Yes
“Fenced In” (XXVI/1) Nov/Dec 2010/Jan 2011 Yes
“For the Life of the World” (I/2) Nov/Dec 1986 No
“Forgiveness” (VII/2) Mar/Apr 1992 No
“The Freedom of the Christian” (III/3) May/Jun 1988 No
“The Garden” (XVI/1) Jan/Feb 2001 No
“Gather Me the People” (X/4) Jul/Aug 1995 Yes
“Gather Up the Fragments” (XIX/6) Nov/Dec 2004 Yes
“Gentleness” (XIX/4) Jul/Aug 2004 Yes
“Grace Abounding” (XXIII/1) Jan/Feb 2008 Yes
“Gratitude” (VII/6) Nov/Dec 1992 No
“Growing in Wisdom and Knowledge” (IV/5) Sep/Oct 1989 Yes
“Harden Not Your Heart” (X/5) Sep/Oct 1995 Yes
“Hilarity” (IX/6) Nov/Dec 1994 Yes
“Hope in God” (XIV/6) Nov/Dec 1999 Yes
“Hospitality” (IX/1) Jan/Feb 1994 Yes
“Households of Faith” (XIV/5) Sep/Oct 1999 No
“Humility” (XV/3) May/Jun 2000 Yes
“Imagination” (XII/1) Jan/Feb 1997 Yes
“Impasse” (XI/2) Mar/Apr 1996 Yes
“In the Watches of the Night” (XIV/1) Jan/Feb 2009 Yes
“In the World But Not of It” (II/2) Marc/Apr 1987 No
“In Whom Shall I Trust” (V/5) Sep/Oct 1990 Yes
“Justice” (XVII/1) Nov/Dec 2002 Yes
“Keep Alert” (XXII/6) Nov/Dec 2007 Yes
“Learning Discretion” (XXII/3) May/Jun 2007 Yes
“Let the Oppressed Go Free” Aug/Sep/Oct 2014 Yes
“Letting Go” (XII/2) Mar/Apr 1997 No
“Life in Christ” (XI/5) Sep/Oct 1996 Yes
“Life Together” (III/4) Jul/Aug 1988 No
“Listening” (IX/3) May/June ’94 No
“Living On the Edge” (XIII/4) July/August ’98 Yes
“Living the Questions” (XXX/3) May/Jun/Jul 2015 Yes
“Loneliness” Mar/Apr 2005 Yes
“Lonely Places” (XXIII/6) Nov/Dec 2008 Yes
“Love At the Center” (XIII/1) Jan/Feb 1998 Yes
“Many Gifts” (XXIII/3) May/Jun 2008 Yes
“Maturity” (XXVIII/4) Aug/Sep/Oct 2013 Yes
“Mercy” (XV/5) Sep/Oct 2000 Yes
“Mind Your Call” (XI/3) May/Jun 1996 No
“My Peace I Give You” (III/2) Mar/Apr 1988 No
“Mystery” (XXI/1) Jan/Feb 2006 No
“Neighbors” (XXI/4) Jul/Aug 2006 Yes
“Passing Through the Land” (VI/6) Nov/Dec 1991 Yes
“Patterns of Social Holiness” (V/2) Mar/Apr 1990 No
“Perseverance” (XX/4) Jul/Aug 2005 No
“Poverty of Spirit” (XV/1) Jan/Feb 2000 Yes
“Power from on High” (XIV/3) May/Jun 1999 Yes
“Practicing the Presence of God” (XVIII/1) Jan/Feb 2003 No
“Pray Always” (XIII/3) May/Jun 1998 No
“Pray for One Another” (XXII/4) Jul/Aug 2007 Yes
“Prayer” (XVII/3) May/June ’02 No
“Presence” (XXX/2) Feb/Mar/Apr 2015 Yes
“Praying the Bible” (XI/4) Jul/Aug 1996 No
“Preparing the Way of the Lord” (III/6) Nov/Dec 1988 No
“Proclaim Release to the Captives” Feb/Mar/Apr 2014 Yes
“Psyche and Spirit” (VI/3) May/Jun 1991 Yes
“Put a New and Right Spirit Within Me” (X/2) Mar/Apr 1995 Yes
“Recovery of Sight to the Blind” May/Jun/Jul 2014 Yes
“Remember the Story” (IV/1) Jan/Feb 1989 No
“Resilience” (XXVIII/2) Feb/Mar/Apr 2013 Yes
“Responsibility” (XXIII/4) Jul/Aug 2008 Yes
“Rhythms of Life” (II/5) Sep/Oct 1987 No
“Security” (XXI/5) Sep/Oct 2006 Yes
“Show Me Your Ways, O Lord” (XXV/3) May/Jun/Jul 2010 Yes
“Simplicity” (V/3) May/Jun 1990 No
“Singleness of Heart” (XVIII/2) Mar/Apr 2003 Yes
“Spiritual Friendship” (II/4) Jul/Aug 1987 No
“Standing Fast” (XV/6) Nov/Dec 2000 Yes
“Standing in the Tragic Gap” (XXIV/2) Mar/Apr 2009 No
“Stewards of Creation” (XXIII/5) Sep/Oct 2008 Yes
“Suffering” (XVII/5) Sep/Oct 2002 Yes
“Teach Us to Pray” (IV/2) Mar/Apr 1989 No
“Temples of the Holy Spirit” (XIV/4) Jul/Aug 1999 Yes
“The Art of Loving” (XXVI/3) Aug/Sep/Oct 2011 Yes
“The Desert” (XVI/3) May/Jun 2001 No
“The Gift of Tears” (XV/2) Mar/Apr 2000 No
“The Kingdom of God is Among You” (X/1) Jan/Feb 1995 Yes
“The Lord Is with You” (XXVII/1) Nov/Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Yes
“The Mountain” (XVI/4) Jul/Aug 2001 Yes
“The Poverty of God” (XVIII/6) Nov/Dec 2003 Yes
“The Price of Wisdom” (XXVI/3) May/June/July 2011 Yes
“The Remembrance of God” (X/3) May/Jun 1995 Yes
“The Road” (XVI/6) Nov/Dec 2001 No
“The Sea” (XVI/2) Mar/Apr 2001 No
“The Self as Beloved” (XXXI/1) Nov/Dec 2015/an 2016 Yes
“The Things That Make for Peace” (XIII/6) November/December ’98 Yes
“The Time Is Ripe” (XIV/1) Jan/Feb 1999 Yes
“The Word Became Flesh” (II/6) Nov/Dec 1987 No
“The Wound of Our Mortality” (IV/3) May/Jun 1989 Yes
“They Shall See God” (XI/6) Nov/Dec 1996 No
“Thirst for God” (XV/4) Jul/Aug 2000 Yes
“Through a Glass Darkly” (XIII/2) Mar/Apr 1998 No
“Time of Trial” (XIX/2) Mar/Apr 2004 Yes
“A Time to Plant, A Time to Reap” (VI/1) Jan/Feb 1991 No
“Truth” (XXI/3) May/Jun 2006 Yes
“Turning Points” (IV/6) Nov/Dec 1989 Yes
“Turning the World Upside Down” (XXV/2) Feb/Mar/Apr 2010 Yes
“Unfailing Treasure” (XX/6) Nov/Dec 2005 Yes
“Vengeance is Mine” (XIX/3) May/Jun 2004 Yes
“The Vineyard” (XVI/5) Sep/Oct 2001 No
“Virtue” (IX/5) Sep/Oct ‘194 Yes
“Vulnerability” (VIII/4) Jul/Aug 1993 Yes
“We Shall All Be Changed” (VI/2) Mar/Apr 1991 Yes
“Welcoming the Stranger” (XVIII/5) Sep/Oct 2003 No
“Where Is Your God” (XXV/1) Nov/Dec 2009/Jan 2010 Yes
“Where Two or Three Are Gathered” (V/4) Jul/Aug 1990 No
“Why Are You Afraid?” (XXVII/3) May/Jun/Jul 2012 Yes
“Wisdom” (XII/4) Jul/Aug 1997 No
“Wonder” (XX/1) Jan/Feb 2005 Yes
“The Work of the People” (II/6) Jul/Aug 1989 No
“Working Faithfully” (VIII/1) Jan/Feb 1993 Yes
“Wounded Healers” (XIII/5) Sep/Oct 1998 No
“Woven Together in Love” (VIII/3) May/Jun 1993 No
Yearning for God (XXX/4) Aug/Sep/Oct 2015 Yes
“You Stand On Holy Ground” (VII/5) Sep/Oct 1992 Yes
“Your Faith Has Made You Whole” (VI/4) Jul/Aug 1991 No


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