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Aging and Renewal Through Community

As we explore the concept of eldering in the current issue (May/June/July 2016), we revisit some excerpts from the Weavings archive. To order a copy of the “Eldering” issue, call 1.800.972.0433. Back issues of Weavings are also available—while supplies last. Browse the inventory. As we age, many of us feel lonely, especially after losing a loved one. The loss of things we took... Keep Reading

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Some years back a friend of mine made a simple observation that has provided me with food for much thought: “Every piece of technology we invent changes the way we live.” To her observation I might add that each technologically driven change involves tradeoffs that may not be immediately apparent. Communication technologies like cell phones, the answering machine, and e-mail, and Facebook are... Keep Reading

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Prayer for Pentecost

Holy Spirit, River of love, divine delight, flow through me. Flame of sun, burn in me. Wind of heaven, breathe in me. Tongues of strangers, speak in me. Love of God, sing in me. Lead me beyond myself, to return to you in the other, to love you in my stranger, my foreigner, my enemy. Burn with your fire in me, that it may be mine. Breathe yourself into my life, that it may be yours. I... Keep Reading

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