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    • Pause to Pray: Quiet my heart, O God, that I may hear your still, small voice. Amen. #weavingsdailyoffice
      about 33 mins ago
    • Pause to Pray: God of creation, may I experience your word proclaimed in the world around me. #weavingsdailyoffice
      about 33 mins ago
    • Call to Prayer: I will sing for joy of your unfailing love, my God and my King! #weavingsdailyoffice
      about 7 hours ago

Prayer for Pentecost

Holy Spirit, River of love, divine delight, flow through me. Flame of sun, burn in me. Wind of heaven, breathe in me. Tongues of strangers, speak in me. Love of God, sing in me. Lead me beyond myself, to return to you in the other, to love you in my stranger, my foreigner, my enemy. Burn with your fire in me, that it may be mine. Breathe yourself into my life, that it may be yours. I... Keep Reading

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The Desert as Christian Failure

The church has consistently ministered to the unintentional victims of failure. It has found it much harder, however, to accept intentional failure as central to the gospel itself. Yet Christianity is for losers—so much so that winners must undergo failure to become Christian. Against a lifetime of socialization, there remains the firm insistence: “Whoever would save [one’s] life will lose it, and... Keep Reading

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Welcoming It All

A friend recently gave me a copy of the Metta Institute’s “Five Precepts”—wise words about how to live that begin with “Welcome everything.” I immediately thought of the “Welcoming prayer” my spiritual director sent me some time ago that begins with, “I welcome everything that comes to me today.”  When I first heard that prayer I thought that to pray it authentically,... Keep Reading

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