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What We Say, What They Hear

Early in our marriage, I learned that what I said to Megan was somehow quite different from what she heard. My surprise grew when I began to suspect that what I heard her very clearly say to me was not exactly what she intended to say. She would talk to me about her frustration at work or a stressed family relationship, and... Keep Reading

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Weavings and Study Groups

It’s not too late to get a copy of the current isssue, “Living the Questions” (May/June/July 2015). Call 1-800-972-0433 to order single or multiple copies.   Weavings is a wonderful resource for group discussion. Groups have used Weavings in a variety of ways. If you are part of a Bible study or spiritual formation group, suggest exploring this reflection question related to Mark S.... Keep Reading

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Love Language

I recently came across “The Art of Loving” issue from Vol. XXVI (Aug/Sep/Oct 2011)* and took a few moments to revisit the poem “How You Loved Me” by Steve Garnaas-Holmes. It reminded me of a line from one of my favorite movies, Hope Floats, about a mother who takes her adult daughter under her wing during that daughter’s painful separation from her husband. The daughter revealed that she grew... Keep Reading

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