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Weavings Editorial Staff:

Dr. Lynne M. Deming serves as editor of Weavings. She received an MDiv from Candler School of Theology and a PhD in Hebrew Bible from Emory University. She plays guitar and violin, and enjoys swimming, cycling and walking. Lynne and her husband, Jim (a United Church of Christ clergy person) value Skype conversations with their two sons, daughters-in-law and (three) grandchildren who live much too far away.

Robin Pippin, Contract Editor

Nelson Kane has served as the art director of Weavings since it’s inception. He created the original Weavings format, and has now designed the new full-color format. With study in art and design from the University of Miami and the School of Visual Arts, he has worked in the advertising and publishing world, served as designer and art director

Gina Manskar has been part of the work of Upper Room Ministries in several capacities before joining the Weavings staff. A Minnesota native, she has lived in Nashville for fourteen years with her husband, Steve, and college-student son, Noah.


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