Reading Groups

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The purpose of a Weavings Reading Group (WRG) is bit different from a regular discussion group. Rather than talking about just the content of an article or poem, participants are encouraged to share how some aspect of the material has provided a doorway into a deeper encounter with their own life story—and God’s presence in that story. Through WRG, members will experience the issues addressed by the authors and create a greater connection with each other.

This approach to the content of the journal fosters an on-going vitality for both the individual participants and the group. Members develop a growing consciousness of their relationship with God and a capacity to articulate the nature of that relationship.

groupIn contrast, groups gathered simply for the purpose of discussing the content of Weavings offerings may have a limited life span and limited impact on the lives of the participants. Concentrating only on discussion of the content allows participants to maintain a safe distance from the issues addressed by the authors.

To learn more about the Weavings Reading Group process for monthly or bi-weekly sessions, download our Leader’s Guidelines “On Spiritual Reading.”

For ideas for weekly sessions and a one-day retreat, download “One-Hour Settings.”


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