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A Clearing Season – Lenten Study by Sarah Parsons

It’s time to rethink Lent. Or at least see it for the positive opportunity it offers. It’s spring cleaning for the soul! Lent offers you time to pause, consider, and renew your relationship with God—an altogether hopeful (not dreary) experience.

“To arrive at newness of life, we first name parts of our lives that are shrouded in darkness,” writes Parsons. Sure, there’s work to be done during Lent, but it’s the gentle, gradual work of opening one’s heart and … read more

A World Worth Saving – Lenten Study by George Hovaness Donigian

God thinks the world is worth saving. When we are close to God, we too will want to save the world.

For anyone who dismisses Lent as a seemingly endless time of self-sacrifice and introspection, this 6-week study for Lent offers a breath of fresh air. It connects prayer and other inner spiritual practices with outward actions of mercy and compassion.

George Donigian guides you to grow in your prayer life by praying about daily news reports, discovering the needs … read more


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    Weavings Journal

    • Pause to Pray: God of generosity, bless the work we have begun this day; make good its defects.
      about 6 hours ago
    • “The God who encircles us does not confine us.” – Judy Cannato
      about 9 hours ago
    • Call to Prayer: God, my God, you I crave; my soul thirsts for you, my body aches for you like a dry and weary land.
      about 12 hours ago
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