Small Group Study

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Weavings group participants appreciate the ways the journal’s contemplative writing opens doors to a deeper, richer small-group encounter. Since the themes explored in Weavings over the last thirty years are timeless, back issues are still valuable and relevant to this experience. The multi-layered articles, poetry, and prayers are ever-new; different ideas and experiences reveal themselves with each reading.

To learn more about the Weavings small-group process for monthly or bi-weekly sessions, download our Leader’s Guidelines “On Spiritual Reading.”

For ideas for weekly sessions and a one-day retreat, download “One-Hour Settings.”

living-roomWeavings group is intended to be a bit different than a regular discussion group. Concentrating only on discussion of the content allows participants to maintain a safe distance from the issues addressed by the authors. Rather than talking about just the content of an article or poem, participants are encouraged to share how some aspect of the material has provided a doorway into a deeper encounter with their own life story—and God’s presence in it. Participants will experience the issues addressed by the authors and create a greater connection with each other.

This approach to the content of the journal fosters an on-going vitality for both the individual participants and the group. Members develop a growing consciousness of their relationship with God and a capacity to articulate the nature of that relationship.


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